Steve Angello Pulparties in Chile

Because I’ve spent most of my years of being the legal age to party (according to McLovin) living in Las Vegas, partyinging in South Beach and cruising through the Bahamas, I’d figured I’d seen what the best pool parties are like. But the set up here in Renaca, Chile for Steve Angello was totally different than what I’d imagined. First of all, to these Chileans it’s a real pool party, they even have a unique way to spell it out, they call it “Pulparty.” The set up is more similar to a festival ground at Coachella than a pool party at Wet Republic (in Vegas). It was a set up I ended up liking a lot more because there was more space to dance and the pool was in a separate area, because, let’s be real, no one goes to a pool party with a DJ to get their swim on.


I never thought I’d see horses next to a place I’d be dancing myself clean at


The babes bronzed while the guys swam


There are many uses of free towels


Exact representation of my feelings for music and dancing


My favorites in Chile


We <3 Steve


Taking in summer, sun and Steve

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