Kayaking in TIGRE

As there’s not many day trips from Buenos Aires, the linda (pretty) city of Tigre is one of the popular getaways for Argentinians. The city by the river is an hour away by train. To get there head down to the Retiro station, you can get there by metro Line D, it’s the last stop and a gorgeous train station, and it’s nice and cheap, only $7.50 pesos, or about $2 USD. Be forewarned, the train isn’t the most pleasant ride, it’s old and rickety and many of the chair’s cushions have been ripped off, so you may be sitting on wood during your journey.


This girl even posed for me! And this man let me shoot his balding head, how sweet.

When you arrive in Tigre there’s rows of kiosks of tour companies, lunch time cruises, and lots of touristy rip offs. We decided to search for kayaks without the agency fee.


Que lindo!


Let me in your kayak!

On the left side of the river (coming from the train station) we encountered some muscle men running a kayak system, and were fortunate to be right on time for their next tour. It was right across from the Mate Museum and we were able to go with them without booking in advance.


Made for Mate: I wonder if there’s any more mate left in there?

There are agencies that can book you a kayak tour and you can look online for companies, but there are also groups going out that don’t seem to mind taking stragglers with them if you pay your fee. Keep your eyes peeled for some good lucking guys with strong rowers arms and you’ve found the spot. They take you out for about two hours, and it all costs 100 pesos, $20 USD. The vegetation is reminscent of Disney’s Jungle Cruise. I’d never imagine this place to be so close the rapid city of Bs.As. Highly recommended!


Our guide, Leo. LEO! (Dr. Evil voice)

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