Mi Casa de Buenos Aires

While I’ve been traveling through South America, I’ve had the opportunity to immerse myself in the culture a little deeper by living with a local family in each city I visit. My journey started in Lima, Peru, followed by Cusco (where my family nursed me back to health after getting salmonella in Lima, uck!), Vina del Mar, Santiago, and now Buenos Aires. Each home was so different, and I loved the families who welcomed me like their own.

But of all the homes, I must say this one is the must stunning. I’d love to live somewhere like this later in life! It reminds me of a home in New York, but of course with the Latin flava I love!


The elegant entrance in the building


Entrance to the terrace that connects to my room


The front room with lots of mirrors! So we love.


Vintage-esque cocina


Gorgeous dining area


My roommate, Luke, welcoming me by showing me he loves getting into my shoes

But how can you say no to this?!

But how can you say no to this face?!

6 responses to “Mi Casa de Buenos Aires

  1. This is stunning! Is this your new apartment or are you house sitting or through Airbnb? I’ll be headed to Buenos Aires shortly and would love to know more about housing opportunities. :)

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