Feria de San Telmo

One of the more touristy things to do, that you definitely should do, is the weekly Feria de San Telmo (San Telmo Fair). Held between Plaza Dorrego and Plaza de Mayo on Sundays from late morning to early evening you can find a range of Argentinian antiques, decorative mate gourds (some even covered in fur), cool local jewelery, clothes, sunglasses, the works. Make sure you bargain down some prices because you can. The fair sits on Calle (street) Defensa which is also filled with some cute stores and restaurants.


Yippee Kai Ay!

Heating up the dance floor with some authentic Tango

Heating up the dance floor with some authentic Tango


867-5309… wait.. Country Code?

Classic Argentino guitarists

Classic Argentino guitarists


One of the many cool buildings… this reminded me of one you’d see in Barcelona


Mate fo’ days


Plaza de Mayo


INCREDIBLE Veggie Sandwich at La Panaderia de Pablo on Defensa. Go there!


It even has an inviting garden area… sorry the babe is not included

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