Sabor de Tango

During one of my first weeks in Buenos Aires, I had to do the typical tourist thing and go to a tango show. I’ll have you know that tango shows are very pricey… the good ones anyway. There’s shows that sell for around $300 per ticket, it’s a spectacular as popular here as a show in Las Vegas. So we found a pretty commercial and touristy show for $100 that included pick up and drop off from your hotel, an hour of tango classes, a three-course dinner and unlimited drinks. So it seemed like a pretty good deal!


My lesson with Hugo, our very flamboyant and showy instructor. Get your steps right… he was meant for reality TV if you know what I mean!


The class is optional, but if you take it you enter the theatre before everyone else and can snag a front row table like we did!


Gorgeous and elegant theatre decorated in classic Tango paintings and photos


The seductive Tango orchestra


My apple pie and vainilla ice cream. Muy rico! So much food.. could barely eat it


And then there was a Brasilian and a flut


And more Brazilians… twirling fire and shaking their sexy curly sweaty ringlets.

Although the show was good and we did get a lot for our money, I’m not sure that I would recommend this company. We weren’t allowed to take photos throughout the classes, in the theater, or during the show. Obviously I am a rebel with a cause and am sneaky, so all of you can see what went down :) But, if they see you with a nice big camera, you will be their main target all night and won’t leave you alone telling you to put your camera away. You will also be bombarded by the staff asking you to pose for their photos which you can buy for $20 each. It really reminds you you are at a very touristy event in their country.  But, if you do decide to go to this one, make sure you put the name of a hotel and not an address, my friend just gave the address of her apartment and was never picked up! However, that was also because they forgot to mention the pick up time was between 6:45-7:15, not just 6:45 like she had thought! Check for recommendations on other shows, and if you love tango that much it may be worth it to blow your pesos on an incredible show and dinner. When in Buenos Aires!

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  1. Stunning post.Latin music is exceptional for dancing.Best regards.jalal

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